Language Pedagogy Resources

SASLI In-House Pedagogy Materials

SASLI 2013 Pedagogy Week Materials

Lalita du Perron, Syllabus Overview, Syllabus Template

SASLI 2012 Pedagogy Week Materials

Brajesh Samarth, Online Teaching Resources

Frank Smith, Modular Teaching Links

SASLI 2011 Pedagogy Week Materials

Doug Worsham, LSS Staff: Using Video as a Teaching Tool
Robin Worth: Focus on Teaching Pronunciation
LSS Resources (only available to UW-Madison students, faculty, and staff)

SASLI Performance-Based Assesment Materials 2010

A draft of language standards for South Asian languages was produced in 2010 at the SASLI Pedagogy Workshops. Please contact Laura Hammond for more information on these standards.
Draft Standards
Evaluation Form

Principles for Communicative Language Teaching
SASLI Workshops 2009
SASLI Workshops 2008

SALRC Sponsored Pedagogy Materials

South Asian Languages: Rethinking Curriculum
Using Technology To Promote Learner-Centered South Asian Language Instruction
Developing Assessments for South Asian Languages
Keeping Teachers and Students Talking in the Target Language
Foreign Language Lesson Design
Teaching Heritage Languages
Blending Content for South Asian Language Pedagogy & Finding and Organizing Content for Student Proficiency

NCOLCTL Online Teaching Courses Now Available

Fundamentals of Language Teaching Methods
The U.S. Educational System for Language Instructors
Teaching African Languages

These courses were developed through a grant from the International Research and Studies Program of the U.S. Department of Education (co-PIs, Sally Magnan and Antonia Schleicher).

The three courses are designed primarily for new instructors of LCTLs at the postsecondary level. They are also useful for experienced instructors. Based on the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning, these courses can also be profitably used by college-level instructors of commonly taught languages.

Course Fees are: $100.00 for NCOLCTL Members and $150.00 for Non-NCOLCTL Members

You can enroll/purchase the Online Teaching Course here.

The courses are offered through the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages NCOLCTL) as non-credit professional development courses. The first course in the series, Fundamentals of Language Teaching Methods, is offered through the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Contact regarding the non-credit offering of the course through NCOLCTL; contact Dianna Murphy for information on the for-credit offering through the UW-Madison.

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